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Which is a non-profit non-commercial organization dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge, generation, reception, and propagation of ultra low and extremely low frequency signals traveling through the interior of the Moon.

Extremely Low Frequency Research And Development

The Elfrad Group was founded in 1986 and is a self funded , non-political organization, consisting of individuals interested in the research of Extremely Low Frequency signals which propagate the interior of the Earth. This is a pioneering field with unknown possibilities and all information concerning this study will be made available to the public.

Membership is open to everyone, professional or amateur, who expresses a desire of knowledge, in this particular study. Acoustic, seismic, and electromagnetic signals, both natural and artificial, surround us and are a part of our environment. The source of these signals, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, and their content is of extreme interest to our research.

We have developed a system which uses the earth itself as an antenna, to receive extremely low frequency signals with wavelengths thousands of kilometers in length. It is our goal to construct one Elfrad receiving site per 1000 square kilometers, in every country or province on Earth.

All of these sites will be data linked together to provide real time information concerning the source, magnitude, and nature of the underground signals. These include nuclear explosions, earthquake precursors, magnetic storms, solar disturbances and many unknown types of transmissions.

Members are encouraged to be self supporting, however as funds become available through sponsorship or donations, resources will become available to those who are unable to build or purchase the equipment needed.

Complete construction plans including schematics, drawings and software are available on this Web Site at no charge.

Anyone wishing to sponsor this endeavor, or would like to furnish equipment or donations, please click this link for more information.

This Web site is intended to inform the public of our continuing progress
and also to make available information which we feel will be useful to the Scientific Community


The universe is composed of an infinite number of frequencies. Some macroscopically large and some microscopically small. All exist in uncountable phase relationships with one another.

The colors of light, the sound of music, the smell of flowers, the touch of velvet, all are made of combined frequencies. Some are in phase and adding to, some are out of phase and cancel from, a multitude of vibrations.

Our five senses are capable of interpreting these particular waves and making them tangible to our perception.

Beyond these senses, most of us have to rely on artificial means to convert these frequencies to the range of our comprehension.

We can build devices to generate and detect Radio and Television broadcasts, construct X-Ray machines, and design Ion Propulsion Generators to power space probes. We can detect distant Galaxies light years away.
The wavelength of a vibration is inversely proportional to the frequency.
For instance, an AM Radio Station operating at 1000 kHz (1,000,000 Hz) on the dial, radiates an electromagnetic wave which has a wavelength of 299.82 meters. The power line frequency in your house if you live in the US is 60hz. The wavelength at this frequency is 4997000 meters or 3104 miles.
The lower the frequency the longer the wavelength.
Lets turn now in another direction

There is another frequency spectrum that is almost unexplored and unknown.

And it can be found underneath your feet

UnderGround Signals

The earth as most of us know it, is only a giant ball of rock, soil and water.
Covered with an atmosphere, a few clouds and blue sky. We are unaware
of the restless energy that surrounds us and which vibrates out of sight in the
depths of the earth. Earthquakes…Volcanos…Thunderstorms…signals from
natural events seething in a cauldron of frequencies. Man made signals from
Communication and Broadcast stations, experimental transmitters of many
types, using the ionosphere to echo unseen messages.

All of these signals have one thing in common. They use a medium for
propagation. The atmosphere and ionosphere above the surface of the earth,
the earth itself beneath the surface. Electromagnetic signals which are generated
by the mentioned causes above, when traveling or propagating through a
medium are limited concerning the distance, due to characteristics of the wave
and the substance through which it travels.

An electromagnetic wave traveling through free space propagates close to
the velocity of light which is roughly 186000 miles per second. However
the power decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance
traveled. In other words if you were to generate a signal that would measure
16 watts at a distance of 1 meter, the signal measured at a distance of 2
meters would only measure 4 watts.

An electromagnetic wave or voltage traveling through the earth decreases
linearly with the conductance of the material. The earth as a whole is quite
a good conductor therefore with a set value of resistance as an example, at
a power of 16 watts measured at a distance of 2 meters, the signal
measured at 100 meters could be 14 watts. At 200 meters the power would
be 12 watts. At 300 meters…10 watts and so forth.

Because the earth attenuation to signals is linear rather than in inverse
proportion to the square of the distance, a small signal travels much
further through the earth than the same small signal through the atmosphere.

signes chinois

There are many types of signals passing below us consisting of an uncountable
number of frequencies. Generally the lower the frequency and the longer the
wavelength, the further a signal will travel. It is known that various
Government agencies have used low frequency communication for decades
because of the ability to penetrate depths and salt water. Submarine
communication is an example.

The signals which we hope to bring to your attention are much lower in
frequency than those which are commonly used. We will show those of
you who are interested, how to build these receivers so that you may
satisfy your curiosity and perhaps even to join in the research of this
vastly unexplored underworld.


Mission Objective

We have discovered in many instances, there are certain electromagnetic frequencies that propagate very easily through the earth’s interior, before, during, and immediately after, a large seismic movement.
The data shown on the following pages is a research effort by Vulcania to determine if there is a feasible method of detecting these signals before the event, with enough reliability and timing, to warn of an impending disaster.

By developing a detection method suitable for recovering these ULF signals, we have found it is sometimes possible to detect an event up to 120 minutes before the actual occurrence. This early warning could be very useful in determining if the seismic anomaly is going to occur in a populated area.

Ultra low and extremely low electromagnetic transmissions, by their nature, have the ability to penetrate the earth but have a very huge wavelength making it difficult to determine the source. It has been found however, that the amplitude of the signals will vary in proportion to the distance. With many receive stations placed in strategic locations we are then able to determine the location and strength.

For instance, our equipment regularly detects seismic activity and other low frequency anomalies daily, on a global, rather than a local scale. There are a group of frequencies which vary in amplitude, in proportion to seismic occurrences around the world. This spectrum is monitored constantly and when the detection threshold is exceeded, it is compared with the other Elfrad sites. The receive site with the higher amplitude would be the closest to the suspected event.

Our detection sites are staffed by volunteers who have dedicated their equipment, time, effort, and expense to help in this research effort. Our goal, is to be able to be an asset in this pioneering field, and to help develop the technology necessary to prevent tragic loss of life.

Anyone wishing to be a part of this Group or would like to share any equipment and/or expense, please contact us at: elfrad@elfrad.com or cplyler@elfrad.com

These pages show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes, as recorded by the Elfrad Group
Michoacan, Mexico 08/09/00 11:41:47.8 18.2N 102.1W Depth= 33 Km M= 6.4

This graph shows the electrical precursor and seismic activity, before and during this earthquake, that occurred in Michoacan, Mexico, which is located 2871 kilometers distant. Note the precursor activity which began at 8:08:08.0 UT. These ULF electrical signals were detected 213.35 minutes prior to the earthquake and the transmissions were very intense in amplitude. The above graph shows data recorded for a duration of 6 hours before and during the event. Note the increase of activity in the frequency band of .02 to .04 hertz. until and during the first shock.

The graph below indicates the same time span however the data was recorded from the East West array. This screen shot shows more clearly the pulse activity caused by abrupt earth movements, due to the orientation of the detection array. The event was located due south of the event and captured the electromagnetic vector component of the signals. ©2000

This graph shows the electrical precursor and seismic activity, before and during this earthquake, that occurred in Sumatra, Indonesia, which is located 16559 kilometers distant. Note the precursor activity which began at 15:01:49 UT. These ULF electrical signals were detected 86.56 minutes prior to the earthquake and the transmissions were very intense in amplitude.

An unusual aspect of this precursor indication, is the abrupt shift in DC voltage polarity which is shown by the “P” indicator in the above graph.

The graph below points a little more clearly to this shift. The Amity detection station where this data was recorded is on the opposite side of the earth, so the event causing this polarity shift was large enough to affect the entire globe. There is speculation that the ongoing Solar activity with it’s extremely intense magnetic may have been the trigger. This data supports that theory.


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ULF-ELF Receive Project

This project is intended to make available to those individuals who may desire to participate in the research and experimentation of the study of extremely low frequency signals which travel through the interior of our earth, the opportunity to construct a receive station to be used to collect data for analysis.

As individual stations come on line, this data will furnish parameters such as frequency, signal strength, and location to a centralized computer which will be able to precisely determine the location, what type of event, and how strong. This will be useful for earthquake precursor studies and other transient events. The frequencies of interest are those ranging from .001 hz to 45 hz.

In order to achieve this goal it will be necessary to have most of the equipment and construction parameters standardized as much as possible. The Elfrad Group will furnish schematics, software and parts lists, plus support.

A complete standardized ELFRAD monitoring station consists of these components:

  1. Antenna array - Two widely spaced probes to be placed into the earth.
    These may consist of copper clad ground rods eight feet
    in length, or a copper conductor strip in the earth.

  2. ULF Receiver - Schematics are freely available.

  3. Interface Card - A multi-channel analog to digital interface unit to couple
    the received signal to the data computer.

  4. Data Computer- A standard PC type computer and monitor.

The costs for this project may be kept at a minimum as a lot of you will be able to build most of the necessary items. The most expensive components will be the computer and analog to digital interface device. A PC type of computer is recommended using W95, W98, NT, Win2000, or XP software. Since most of you already own a computer, the only thing needed ot be purchased is the interface and components. The software for the A/D converter is included along with analysis programs. The device for data collection is manufactured by an outside source. It contains 6 input channels, and an input for direct connection to a short wave radio tuned to WWV, which keeps computer synched to within plus or minus 2 milliseconds. Also if desired, a GPS type of time standard is available.

The over all description of the receive site setup and operational information is as follows:

The desired signals are recovered from the earth and are directed to a conditioning circuit which not only protects the receive equipment from transients caused by lightening and other sources but attenuates the ambient 60 or 50 hz frequency caused by commercial power. The signal then passes through a circuit which removes any ground loop problems which may occur at your computer interface. The desired frequencies then pass through a series of filters to remove most of the noise and unwanted signals above 25 hz.

This band of signals is then coupled to the interface of the data processing computer to be recorded on the hard drive. The interface will accept up to six channels of data and samples the signal delivered to it up to 200 samples per second, records them and then are displayed on the computer screen either in real time or compressed time format. At any time it is possible to take any period of data previously recorded, generate a file and display the data for analysis. You are also able to post filter the data, with band pass, notch, low pass, and high pass capability. ©1998-2003

Also an antenna site is necessary. This is not the usual conventional type of antenna. The array is designed to be built completely underground. Space for construction is necessary and may be any where from 100 to 1000 linear feet.

Due to the fact that we will be dealing with extremely long wavelengths on the order of miles rather than feet, you are going to need a little space. As long as you have a strip of property at least one hundred or more feet in length you will be able to detect the signals. There are several items of interest in determining your location. You will be building two arrays widely separated from each other. The further apart the better. Also if you have a choice, a damp location is better than dry rocky soil.

The first step in constructing your antenna/detector is to determine the magnetic orientation. Take an ordinary pocket compass and locate magnetic north. The line of sight between the two points should be aligned with North-South. The next step is to obtain some copper clad ground rods at least eight feet in length, put on some gloves and start driving one into the ground. “Helpful Hint” > We found that a standard metal fence post driver purchased from the local farm store was ideal for the job. It helps also to take a pair of post diggers and dig out a hole about 18" deep. Then drive the rod down into the ground below the surface of the hole leaving enough room to make a connection.

Next measure out a distance as far as possible, at least 30 meters (98 ft) in a North or South direction and repeat the procedure above, driving a copper clad eight foot ground rod into the soil. Then connect the two widely spaced rods together using a length of wire. Obtain an ohmmeter, and open the wire conductor and measure the resistance. Make a note of the reading, then reverse the ohmmeter leads and measure again. Then take this reading, average it with the other reading and you will have a close indication of the DC resistance between the two probes. (Ground Rods) Very likely unless you have excellent soil conductivity in your area, the reading will be several thousand ohms. The point is to lower this reading as much as possible. The lower the better. A workable resistance is 500 ohms however the ideal resistance would be around 5 to 10 ohms. In most cases however this would be unobtainable unless you used many ground rods or copper strapping at each end.

Keep adding rods at each probe site, spaced 8 feet apart from one another connected together with #4 copper bare wire, until the resistance gets down to between 25 and 500 ohms. Keep in mind two items. The further apart the probe sites, the lower the resistance, and the more rods driven into the ground, the lower the resistance. We have found that on the average, 5 grounds at each end of the site are sufficient to obtain this reading.

Another option rather than using ground rods, in rocky or extremely hard soil, you may use a ditch trencher and bury #6 or #4 copper wire at least 24 inches deep. The copper wire should be placed in an “X” fashion with a length of at least 25 feet. The lead cable will then be connected to the center point of the “X”.

At this point in time, if you haven’t given up and are still determined to build a ULF-ELF receive station, I have good news. The hardest part is over. Just one more step and your antenna system will be finished. This part of the construction is not complicated but should be built as instructed.

Obtain a length of CATV lead in wire such as RG-11 0r RG-59, from your local electronic parts store. A good source to try is the local Cable TV company. Sometimes they have lengths of scrap lying around their warehouse and will be happy to get rid of it. Connect the center conductor only, (not the outside shield) to each antenna array using copper clamps. Take each piece of co-ax to the location of your receiver. Then install a suitable connector to the two ends These two cables will be the input leads to the receiver. The shield should be connect to earth ground using a single copper clad ground rod. Do not use the power ground and make sure the ground connection is at least 20 feet from power ground.

Now lets take a look at the next construction phrase which will be the actual building of the circuits for the receiver.

This circuit was designed as an all purpose ULF and ELF receiver with a frequency range from DC to 30 hertz. The signal from both leads of the antenna array are connected to J3. The polarity is not a concern. The signal then travels to pins 2 and 3 on U5 which is a high impedance differential instrumentation amplifier. This chip’s gain is controlled by a single variable resistor, R3. The formula if only a standard resister is used is: Gain equals 1 + 50K divided by the gain resistor.

The combined signals travel then from pin 6 to U3 which is a buffer amplifier, two pole low pass filter and signal amplifier. From pin 14 on U3, the partially filtered signal travels to U2 and U1 which are 5 pole Butterworth low pass filters in cascade. The LTC1063 ICs are clock controlled and the frequency is set at 3000 hertz by R9. This configures the chips to have a cut off frequency of 30 hertz. The clock ratio is 1/100.

The IC U4, consists of a X5 amplifier, buffer and another 2 pole analog low pass filter. R17 is the final gain control for the desired output voltage. U4B is a 2 pole low pass filter which removes any residual clocking pulses from the signal which may have been caused by U1 and U2.

The circuit below is a schematic of the power supply needed for the above receiver. This will furnish plus and minus 5 volts DC.

The schematic below shows the placement and wiring of the antenna arrays

The graphs located on these pages, indicate near real time data taken from the ELFRAD underground array located in North Carolina. This array is an earth dipole, bonded to an extremely low resistance earth ground at each end. At this site, all signals from DC to 25 hertz are sampled 24 hours each day at 50 times a second and recorded to be analyzed. The charts linked below are updated every 30 minutes to this web site.

DC to 25 hertz

This graph consists of all frequencies up to 25 hz. You will see lightening strikes from hundreds of miles distant and the overall affect of the magnetic effects of our Sun

DC to .1 hertz

The extreme fluctuations you will notice, are usually caused by solar and magnetic storms. Unknown signals along with Earthquakes and their associated precursors, may also be noted in this frequency band.

.02 to .05 hertz

This frequency band includes earthquake precursor signals and solar radiation from flares, CMEs, and other sun related anomali

Current Geophysical Data

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The many years and thousands of hours of research by the ELFRAD Group has revealed a world which has been virtually ignored by Scientists and researchers. It is an underworld of countless frequencies and signals of which the human ear is incapable of hearing. The transmissions are so low in frequency that special equipment had to be invented, designed, and built to detect and capture them.

We use the earth directly as an active antenna. By placing extremely low resistance probes deeply connected to the earth, it is then possible for the earth sounds to be recorded and analyzed.

These signals range in frequencies from near DC all the way up to the audible level perceived by whales and other Cetaceans in the oceans. Some of the transmissions which have been detected and recorded take days to complete one cycle and may even originate outside our solar system. Many of the signals have been identified from natural sources such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and magnetic variations of our Sun and others have been found to be man made for various signaling and ranging purposes.

However there have been some detections that completely defy explanation and are an enigma. The clickable links on the left show some of these unknown and strange signals.